Its starting to drip …

Oh sweat. That lovely stuff that makes you smell, ruins hair and makeup, that creates lovely marks on shirts when you don’t want it to and in the weirdest of places.  Yet, we strive for it in other instances.

We want sweat to run down our backs as we turn up the torq on our spin bikes.  We want it to drip off our arms when the trainer says two more curls. And we want it to burn (well really not burn but it does) our eyes as we job that last lap around the reservoir.

I used to get turned off by the presence of sweat in my day to day but now I make sure I sweat every damn day.  Sweat is my best accessory.  It detoxifies, it cools, and it means we are working hard towards our fitness goals.

Sweat really stands for the hard work we put out there to get those results in our lives, especially when it comes to health and fitness.

In my life, health and fitness has been originally a struggle – having PCOS and not knowing how to really eat and workout to control this syndrome.  I have done all the crazy diets and have now learned those don’t really work in the long run – it has to be the whole lifestyle.

I will admit I workout like crazy and am always reading up on the next new superfood and for that reason I created this blog. I want to let all my experiences drip out of me onto this blog with regards to what is good/bad/ugly with these new trends/products/fitness crazes…because believe me, I will be trying them.

Watch me sweat, eat new things, share new workout moves, and talk about all the things I have picked up along the way with my struggles so hopefully you won’t have to.

Always reach out with questions or ideas also! I love being interactive and learning new things – I am a big nerd 😉 Thanks for reading!