Suja Organic Juice


I was recently given the opportunity to try out this new organic juice from Suja.  I had reached out since I have been seeing the crazy for juices spike and this is one of the newer ones to hit our area that sounded like a great product, worthing of trying.

I liked that they were all organic and non-GMO! I chose the Uber Greens because regular greens just aint gonna cut it for this girl.

From their website, it says that Uber Greens is a “cold-pressed combo of nutrient dense leafy greens, tangy citrus and revitalizing mint tea is the best way to drink your veggies and gulp your greens” and the combo of some of the greens I do love seemed to be a perfect fit.   It had things like celery, cucumber, peppermint tea, and kale among other things. I also selected this one as it was lower on the calorie count as I was not doing this for a cleanse or meal replacement (which Suja also offers). IMG_2020IMG_2021

So what were my thoughts on this after trying? It is a bit tart. I had done a juice cleanse a few years back and it reminded me a lot of the green juice from that cleanse.  It was lighter and refreshing and these ingredients are great detoxifiers.  I don’t know that I would go for this flavor again unless it is cold to just have a “shot” of it here and there as drinking it as a single serving wasn’t really to my taste.

I really like that I have looked into this brand definitely want to try out some of their other juices offered. I am extremely interested in their Drinking Vinegars as it has been something I do believe in and start and end my day with apple cider vinegar everyday.  Hopefully I can try them out next!

This is a really great brand and I do recommend looking them up here:  I found mine at a Duane Reade here in NYC and I have also seen them at Whole Foods.  Would love to get feedback on your favorite flavors so I can be sure to give those a try as well.

Thank you Suja for the coupons!


Disclaimer: My opinions expressed on here are my own and have not been recommended by  I was not paid other than a coupon to try Suja out.

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