Finding out what helps me sweat

Something I mentioned in my last posts is that I live by Chalene Johnson’s mantra, “working out should be a meeting you make with yourself that you can’t miss.” I have spread this mantra far and wide – well okay to a few friends who ask how I’m so dedicated but now far and wide through this blog post.  This didn’t mean that I like it everyday and it doesn’t mean I started out by making it an everyday necessity but it means I find ways to make this “meeting” happen.

Going back to the early days (i.e. growing up) all the activities were with cousins and family friends.  We’d go for bike rides, swim all day or play crazy capture the flag games with the neighborhood. In college, I played intramural sports, found my running vibe by going on runs with a friend training for a marathon, and taking courses like Jazz Dance or Intro to Ice Skating for college credit on top of walking to class up hill both ways (it was actually possible on our campus and yes, it was in the snow).

The theme of all these activities: buddies.

I had “buddies” to push me to try harder, do better, or just flat out try something new. If they were doing it and I wanted to hang out with them, I better try it too or at least come to watch, which means I’d be trying it because I am not a sit on the sidelines type of girl.  If I was pushed  to try something new and I liked it, I  would often times become a little more adventurous on my own but going to the gym was always social and rarely to never alone.

When I think back to when I was or have been my heaviest, it has been when I was still looking for those friends to go be active with. During those times I did still workout but the results were less impressive due to my effort being mediocre because I wasn’t trying to keep up with someone nor was I trying anything new.  Even having just an online buddy has helped me keep to goals better than not having “any buddy” at all. If they asked me if I made it to the gym or walked my 10k steps, I wanted to say yes and not have it be a lie.

Only recently I discovered how much of a social aspect of my life working out is.  It is funny now how much of my schedule is going to this workout class with him or going to this class with her or planning my next dinner with my friend who then asks if we could go to a class before we had dinner.  We send invites and group texts seeing if anyone can go to a class together or get input on studios we are thinking of trying.

Exercise is a major social topic on a daily basis on top of being a real part of our physical day. Everyone knows the importance of working out and how valuable our free time is, which is why it is awesome that we started to take this approach. Do my friends and I get together and just grab food or just go shopping or just have drinks at times – Hell Yes! But 85% of the rest of the time we are being active and building our friendship through physical activity.

I am not the first person that has come up with the workout buddy mentality but there is definitely a reason why it is such a popular concept – it works! Plus, we can vouch for that awesome spike you had on the volleyball court, how hard that spin class was, that time the girls beat the guys, or that amazing Zumba dance you nailed.  Friends are there for you when you just need a reason to stop binge watching the newest Netflix show or don’t know if you really should go for a walk to get groceries or take a bus. Best of all, we are going to be there cheering you on when you reach your goals!

If you ever need a buddy – please reach out. I am always happy to go to a class if you are in NYC or just text it out with you when you need that push to get those last 500 steps in on your fitness tracker. I’ll help you sweat but know you also will be helping me too!



Me and my best workout buddy after doing back to back spin classes the day after my 32nd bday!

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