138 degrees – yes that will make me sweat

Lately I have become a bit hooked on this thing called an Infrared Sauna.  I tried one out maybe a month ago and have been itching to get back to it. Yesterday I did and quickly signed myself up for a 10 pack.

Like anyone, I am always researching new ways for weightless and to keep my skin looking young.  I stumbled upon the infrared sauna experience on Groupon and started reading reviews and was like, “hmm…interesting.”  Then slowly I started to see many of my fitness instructors and people I follow on Instagram for inspiration posting pictures or clips of them visiting infrared saunas. I quickly booked a session as I couldn’t sit around and be curious any longer.

So what is the difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional, coal heated sauna? Per wikipedia:

An infrared sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat which is absorbed by the surface of the skin.

The benefits associated with infrared saunas include:  detox, pain relief, weight loss, improved circulation, skin clarification and more youthful looking skin, and immune function improvement.

Since I am only just beginning my regiment, I can only comment on the experience, which is that you sweat A LOT.  The saunas I have gone to are very nice and individual so you can go in completely naked and just relax, including your own shower for after. I felt like my skin looked brighter right after the session and do think it will help with my acne overall.  I will continue to see if it helps with weight loss, but at least right after the session you know you lose some water weight.

Based on that last note, you must drink a lot of water to help with your results.  Hydration during and after is definitely important as you sweat puddles.  Yes…I just said puddles.

The two place I have tried and have liked them both have been:

Floating Lotus – 56th between 8th and 9th

DTX – 54th and 3rd (10 pack for $300)

Highly recommend giving this a try but also know your heat limits and only go for as long as you are able to.

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