Sugar Detox – headaches and withdrawals, OH MY!!

I am going to be very honest, I had too much sugar in March and April.  There are these cult candies called Cadbury Mini Eggs that took over my brain and I just could not say “No!”.


Thankfully, Easter is over and I have a group of friends that all over indulged during this holiday season and are asking for a way to get healthy and fit.  So we begin the sugar detox. I cleaned out the cupboards and we all said our pledge and so far so good.

I am waiting for the headaches to arrive. Today is my true day three and so far nothing…that means I either won’t get them or they are going to hit tomorrow.

When we clean out our body of things they want withdrawals naturally hit. The headaches are the things we have to work through and remember that they are just for a day but our health means more. These are the challenges that make us stronger and also remind us that the sugar or indulgence isn’t worth it because we know we will have to begin again if we slip up.

That being said, my friends and I are all also human. I know I’m not supposed to eat sugar to run at my optimum level but I know once a year I can have this treat so I indulge. We have to live life and enjoy. Each day is a new day and each hour is a new hour. If you over indulge, go for an extra walk, drink more water or make sure the next day is extra clean. One day or meal is not a reason to throw in the towel.

My friends and I are supporting each other – confessing struggles, meeting up for walks and classes, and giving tips.  We know we can do it alone but we know we are stronger as a unit and better knowing someone else is going through the same thing. Find you support group and don’t be afraid to talk about what is hard or going on with you – chances are they have the same challenges and obstacles. We learn how to overcome and get through them by talking about them.

Whats your challenge? Whats your “sugar”. More importantly – who has your back and are you willing to have theirs?

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