Lately I have been trying a more holistic approach to my health. I am trying new things and switching it up…basically being my own giunea pig.  This week with my acupuncture session I tried cupping.

Because I ask a lot of questions during my sessions I asked about the process and what it actually does.  Basically my guy lights a torch and burns a small amount of material (I think paper) in the cup to draw out the air and then places the cups on spots I pinpointed as needing attention due to pain – this week was shoulders and lower back. The cups suction on and he turns on infrared lights (they’re back) and you relax while they do their magic.

Their “magic” is in fact drawing toxins to the surface of your body through the pull of the suction and the heat.  The redder the mark at the end, the more toxins you have in that spot.  I must say I had a few dark circles on my shoulders and they were even a little sore after, which I thought was interesting.

I feel good today and only have slight redness still. Seeing the red marks tells me that I did have toxins that needed releasing – which makes me glad I did this.  Also, because I do this in cooperation with my acupuncture, it is covered by insurance- which you should all look into if you are considering this treatment.

I definitely will continue down this treatment path and see what other benefits it brings and if some of my normal aches and pains start to fade! Stay tuned!


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