What I tried: Hackamore Premium Energy

A while back I had seen an Instagram picture of a bottle of what I thought was vodka. The picture must have been intriguing enough for me to stop and actually read the caption and low and behold it wasn’t a bottle of vodka.  This sleek vodka-like bottle is actually filled with energy and zero alcohol involved. What also peaked my interest was that it has zero calories – i.e. no fat, sodium, carbs or proteins!

So what exactly is “Premium Energy”? It is 320 milligrams of natural caffeine – which includes things like vitamin B12, vitamin B6, Niacin, amino acids and D-biotin.  All things I can get behind drinking.

So what did I think when I finally had a chance to try this out? I must say it was refreshing! I was expecting the bite of alcohol just because of the look of the bottle. The flavor, however, was actually very mild and citrus like.  It was refreshing and actually perfect quick way to get some caffeine in my system quickly when I am on the go.

I would mix well with alcohol should it need be or would be a great alternative for those who are currently not drinking. I like the story that it presented of the creator, Olivia’s bad blind date turned energy drink business and I like that it stands for quality and health first.

The bottles can be a bit expensive but so can our $4-$6 coffees each morning. Its definitely worthy of trying out and keeping an alternative to iced coffee in these hot summer months on hand.


If you are interested in more information or want to purchase, visit: Hackamore

In trying out the bottle I was given a discount but the statements and thoughts are truly my own.

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