Sweat sweat sweat

It has been much too long readers and I apologize.  Summer got a bit crazy in the beginning but its settling nicely into the dog days now so I can devote more time to sharing.  I have been busy with some courses I decided to take to start to dig in deeper into nutrition and then also traveling to Europe at the end of June/beginning of July.

I have seldom found a free weekend or free night but thats whats great about summer – we are making use of every minute of this great fresh air, heat and sun. Natural vitamin D – doesn’t get much better!

Since it had been so long I wanted to share just a few basic summer tips that I have started to incorporate into my daily routine to keep me semi-fit with all the indulgences I’ve been making with travel, going out and celebrating of this or that fun thing!  They aren’t in any particular order but just some ideas that will help you squeeze in some important movement and hydration into your day:

  1. Walk! Its finally perfect weather out there. Don’t hop on the subway, drive the car, or sit in the bus. If where you are going is walk able (1 mile or so away) – walk! It is the perfect way to burn just a few more calories in a day and enjoy the great weather.  You won’t even notice you’re being active but you’ll probably notice that new restaurant that opened up over the last week or that new coffee craze everyone has been instagramming.  I also find it is a way to control my commute more – you have less crazies, delays, and money spent when you walk….well if you don’t stop and buy the new coffee craze each day. I feel more connected with my community walking each morning especially as its usually a time of day where you see more families out and about and see people before the stresses of the day hit them.
  2. Start being active in the morning.  I am not always a person that likes to get up at the butt crack of dawn to work out.  Sleep is just sometimes hard to come by and those extra 5, 15, or 30 minutes we get from snoozing can often times be needed. However, I have been making it a point to get up and walk 3 miles each morning before the heat gets too high. I always have a step goal for the day and I know that if it is 90 degrees with 90% humidity at noon or 5pm, I am not going to want to do it then.  I have only recently started this due to the high temps lately and my somewhat leisurely stroll really has me breaking a sweat and also makes me very motivated for my day.  I go to a place where I know I will be safe in the morning and see other active people to keep me moving and pushing through when I haven’t had that coffee yet.  I also try to set my intention for the day during this time so I know and its out there in the universe this is what I want my day to be like or what my focus for the day will be.  Since starting these early morning workouts I know I can come home later and just relax or better yet, go to the pool and not feel guilty about not doing anything because of the heat.
  3. Be active on vacation and trips.  While I was away in London and Ireland I worked out almost everyday and we walked a ton.  I always make it a point to find out if my hotel has a gym so I don’t totally blow my diet while I am gone and indulging more than I would at home.  Keeping a routine of being active allows you to demonstrate you have control over your health and makes it that much easier when you come back to pick it right back up again.  I was very glad to workout on my trip – it was my me time to decompress and take a break (yes….it is a break to me….I might be a bit crazy). I also loved seeing what kind of gyms I find all over the world – some are much better than a lot of ours (Radisson Blu Galway might have been the best so far  I’ve been too for a hotel).
  4. HYDRATE! Last weekend I had a day where I broke out in severe sweat 3 times- I went for a morning run on a hot day. I then went to my infrared sauna and then hot yoga.  What I needed to do more of was drink water.  We need to carry water with us at all times and drink much more than we think is needed – the 8-10 should probably be more like 12-15 glasses.  Even if we are not dripping with sweat we are still losing water quicker than we do in the winter and if we don’t drink enough to help control our electrolytes we may have our body shut down in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible. Drink water – its cheap and easy and you will feel good for doing it.  Plus, it helps us detoxify!
  5. SPF everywhere! Okay, this is not really about being fit but more of a reminder. I love being tan as much as the next person but I always put sunscreen on. I have had basal cell carcinoma and I do not want to ever find another one. SPF 50 – you will still get tan. Also when working out – apply then too. We are exposed whenever we go outside, not just laying by the pool. Reapply as much as you can.

These are just a few basics to get you started. Hope you keep it cool and safe in the heat and I promise to not be so slow to write my next post-stay tuned!


Spreading my wings in Galway, Ireland July 1st, 2017


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