Elimination Tests

I often consider myself a test subject or test rat for you all. I want to say I tried it so you don’t have to. That being said, we also have to test things for ourselves because our body chemistry and makeup is individual. What works for me, might not work for you and vice versa.

One test I do often to see if it helps or hurts or has no effect is an elimination test.  I won’t call this a diet because it might become a way of life for me in the future. It is a way for me to “test” if something is making me gain weight, bloat, use the bathroom, sleep better, workout stronger, etc.  Many people find out certain things might actually do more harm than good for them and continue with the elimination after the test period.

I am currently running a second no dairy test. I tried this about two years ago and noted then it didn’t do anything for me.  I am now into my second week of my second test and I can’t say that I am obtaining any other results than the first time. I know people have reported weight loss or less bloating but for me, I have not noticed any of the above.  However, I wanted to try it again because I knew I had better tools this time around and I am always willing to try things to see what works for me.


I try to set a minimum of 2 weeks to a month. The first week is usually just elimination of the toxins or remnants of whatever you are eliminating and the second week you really enter the zone. You should be past any major cravings and withdrawals (like in the case of sugar or caffeine).  If you can go the full month, I think you will get the fullest understanding of the change.

So first thoughts on doing an elimination is probably “WHY???” and “DAMN! That sucks!”  I agree to both of those.  Its tough! Cheese and greek yogurt are some of my favorite foods so eliminating them even for 2 weeks is a little sad but its doable. Which leads me to my main advice: set yourself up for success.  Preplan and stock your shelves with items that are “compliant” and “eliminate” any temptations.

If you are ever having a moment when you are questioning whether or not its worth it, you have to remember you are always worth it.  While its tough in the moment, you can always find something else that will satisfy you if you are truly hungry and if you are not really hungry, get out of the house and go for a walk.  Get your mind off of what you can’t have and focus it on something you can control – reading, activities, etc. There is always something else that we can do that is a better choice than ruining something that may help us understand our health more.

Okay so this one got a bit long but I felt like I wanted to explain the idea and the challenges.  You can do anything for two weeks. The food isn’t going anywhere. If it makes you feel better, you aren’t eliminating anything – you’re gaining your health back!

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