Lets get ready to Rumble Boxing!

I did it! I finally made it to Rumble Boxing in Chelsea this week. I have been following all the trainers for months and have been going to any boxing workout I could get my class pass passes on but I have been holding off on Rumble. Why you ask? It was out of, you won’t believe it, nerves on whether or not I would be able to keep up with the class.

Anyone that actually knows me knows I push myself to the limit all the time but I still can get intimidated at times.  So what was it about this that had me a bit nervous to click book? Number one – the trainers look AMAZING – yeah you do Noah, Brad, Joe, Andy, etc.  So good that I got intimidated that the workout would kill if they are able to maintain that kind of physique. Number 2 – seeing people walk out just drenched in sweat (what I didn’t notice though, they were all smiling).  Number 3 – the way hip and “in” vibe.

That is where I was completely wrong.  So what got me to book finally after months of saying I want to do that? A colleague (well actually my new boss) went to a class having little to no background on the hype of it all.  She came back the next day and told me it wasn’t bad and proved she was able to move and would go again in a heartbeat. Yeah… I signed up for my newbie deal right away at that point.  I got the “buy two for the price of one” and scheduled my first session for Friday at 3:15 (a less crowded time given its summer Fridays).

So what was it like? As I said, I have boxed previously. I like it and know it is an intense – total body workout.  What I liked about Rumble’s class (taught by Brad) is that you alternated between bench/weight work and bag work.  You get the extra strength training and abs push yet still more than enough bag time to forget your troubles from the day. I walked out pleasantly tired and drenched but not overly sore or defeated.  More motivated for the next “Rumble” than anything else.

The gym has great amenities, its clean, great equipment and the trainers are fun, motivating and have good-pumped up music.  Highly recommend giving boxing a try.  As with any work out you can make this as challenging or easy as you want to. Push your self to your limits. – not anyone else’s and have fun punching those bags! Can’t wait for my next session…wonder which trainer to try next??

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