WolaCo – Mens (and soon to be women’s) workout clothing

Today I was very fortunate to spend some time with a brand that is growing in the mens athletic wear arena and is soon to be entering in the women’s realm as well- WolaCo.  WolaCo sets itself apart by incorporating the necessary pockets that won’t, “lose your phone” while running, lifting or jumping-whatever your athletic choice may be-in compression shorts and pants.

So what is it about the pockets? There are two main pockets – one for your media device and one for your keys/money/random necessities – which are both sweat proof.  Having this kind of technology when you go to a class like we did today is completely necessary because we often don’t leave our workouts with an ounce of dry fabric.  (Did you really workout if you didn’t sweat?)

Some other things I have picked up on the brand from going to the event and from subscribing to their emails (which include great stories, nutrition advice, and music recommendations) and, well, getting to know some of their people is that they are so welcoming, concentrated on an entire brand and athletic experience verses just selling you a piece of clothing.  They are really out in the fitness community – getting to know the people that support their brand and the places where people would use it.

So a little about today’s event I attended! It was at this great studio called Box + Flow on Bond St here in NYC.  The class incorporates 9 rounds of boxing on the heavy bag with a partner and then about 20 mins of yoga to stretch it out and find your zen.  It was an amazing workout! Everyone left drenched but happy! I highly recommend checking out this studio if you are looking for a great cardio session and/or want to let out some frustration and then find your zen.

What a great experience to be invited and get to see this great brand in action today.  They are about quality – which is what more companies need to focus on these days. Looking forward to when the women’s line comes out later this year! In the meantime, check out WolaCo.com and their video they posted about Box + Flow.

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