Helloooo everyone! I have been so absent and I apologize for the long pause but know that  it was to help gain more knowledge and strengthen the material I want to present to you all.  I have been learning and making good changes in life – including buying my own place! Now I can get back to fully downloading all the information I’ve been learning to you all and I can’t wait to find out what you all want to learn more about.  Whenever I do take a long pause like this, please be sure to check me out on instagram (@kattyr3) as I am very active on my page and we can interact!

Anywho, let’s get down to today’s topic -CBD OIL!


Cannabis Stavia is better known as CBD Oil.  Back in the summer I was having some trouble with sleeping and my acupuncturist suggested that I try out their CBD Oil to help get to sleep quicker and in a deeper sleep. He sells the oil in the shop (Floating Lotus) and since I am a firm believer in holistic medicine and functional foods (a description you will all learn more going forward) and after asking about a zillion questions, I purchased my small $60 bottle of CBD oil that was coconut oil based.

I should start out with stating I have NEVER- and yes really NEVER! smoked pot.  I will admit to having a pot brownie and an edible sucker when I was in Amsterdam but that is the first and last of it.  So when I was told to purchase a product that was pot based, I was obviously a bit hesitant to say the least.  I was quickly reassured that the THC (Tetrahydrocannabidinol) was removed, which is what gives pot the addictive and psychotic effects to the user.  The cannibidiol -CBD- is the non-psychotic base of the cannabis plant and has been proven to have no addictive properties. In fact, it has been used by smokers and opioid user to reduce or stop smoking and/or use.

My acupuncturist suggested it to help me sleep better but you know I did my research and quickly found out that it has many more treatment uses. The list is actually growing all the time and I am personally seeing more studies each week coming out.  Personally I am even thinking of more ways to use it to treat ailments, knowing how it has been used elsewise. Here is a short list of what it can be used to treat(1,2):

  • Sleep (already mentioned)
  • Gout
  • epilepsy (still early stages of research)cbdindex
  • rheumatism (arthritis)
  • malaria
  • pain – often now seen paired with turmeric!
  • fever
  • HIV Neuropathic Pain
  • MS associated spasms
  • glaucoma
  • cancer pain
  • Tourette’s
  • Adverse effects associated with the HPV vaccine
  • Anxiety – more and more studies coming out regarding this benefit
  • schizophrenia
  • Headaches/migraines – you can actually topically apply the oil to your head and it will eliminate the headaches.

The list goes on and on. For me, it does help with sleep but that was not the ultimate winner for me.  For a while, right before moving, I was having major tooth problems and was told I was going to need to have a bridge removed along with a tooth and need two implants due to an infection/abscess.  Then after getting things on the mend and thinking it wouldn’t need to be done, the infection started to come back.  Everyday I would have to clean out infection build up and I thought “Oh no! I am going to have to spend another $5-10k on my teeth!”  However, I had started to already do my research on CBD and thought about its antibacterial properties and ability to reduce cell growth and decided to apply a few drops on my gums before going to bed.  The next day, the infection was no longer reappearing, though still sore.  After a few more days of applying just a few tiny drops, it was completely healed. I would have never thought to do this had I not read about the healing properties and thought to myself that there was nothing else to lose.  Completely both crazy and amazing!

Along the same lines, cancer patients have long been prescribed medicinal cannabis for pain management BUT THC has been shown to reduce pain more for them yet has more side effects.  When the THC is included, patients suffer from drowsiness, hypotension, mental cloudiness, nausea, and vomiting (2). So while CBD can help for cancer it may not be as effective as the full spectrum product, however it still can help and have less side effects on the user.

So now that I have told you all the great things it can do without being addictive and causing major side effects you are probably wondering how you get it? Well you can get it on Amazon (gummies, brownies, chocolate, creams for topical use and oil form), online retailers (highly recommend Sagely Naturals or Not Pot)  or your local holistic healer (like my acupuncturist).  Good CBD oil will either be Coconut oil or Olive oil based if you go for straight up oil.



That being said it may be difficult to still get in some states due to the stigma and laws that are still around, even though it does not have the psychotic effects. If you have family members in states that don’t have restrictions, maybe they can be super kind and ship some to you?

Finally, I was doing a little reading and Popsugar.com did warn that when you take CBD oil, there is a chance you could fail a drug test.  Thankfully I don’t work for a company that does random drug tests – if you do, just be wary/careful and maybe discuss this with them ahead of time.


This was a fun one for me!  I am going to be trying a few gummies and such out soon…and maybe my own recipes! I will definitely fill you in once I give them a try to let you know my thoughts.  It does still taste like pot so if you don’t like that taste, hopefully we can find something that is a bit more mild tasting as the straight oil can be a bit strong. I want to help heal people naturally and I definitely think this is going to be the next big thing in the future.

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