“I don’t have time!” and other excuses we tell ourselves



Today was a typical chore like Sunday for being rainy, cold.  I got up with the intention of doing laundry, knowing I needed to get to Macy’s, grocery shop, continue enjoying the book I am reading and squeeze in a workout. I don’t know about you all, but free time comes at a prime for me. I am currently enjoying just a few short weeks off school and I want to relax to the max! This means, I need to optimize and make that free time as big as possible.

That list I gave you, isn’t short, especially with relying on walking and taking public transportation everywhere on a Sunday (it can be a little more daunting than a normal work day).  So I thought to myself, “how can I maybe kill two birds with one stone?”  Many thoughts ran through my mind about not working out in general as my back has been killing me since yesterday (I have a feeling its probably from my run) and I should take a rest day.

I agree to listening to our bodies. They are constantly telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. Thats why when I felt the back ache and knowing I haven’t had a real rest day in a week I knew it would be a lighter day and a day I could potentially skip …but what about my steps though? I remembered the meeting I make with myself everyday and the high and zest I get from going to the gym. It gives me life and energy even when I feel meh when I start or even am sore after.

So what do I do about my 3 excuses (needing more free time, hurt back, rest day needs)? I find a way to do something low impact while also checking something else off my check list. I decided to kill the laundry early – ran around the apartment, gathering the stuff and threw it in the washer while thinking about what kind of 20 minute workout I could do while it was washing – core might help my back? @popsugar has some great 20 minute workouts on demand! YES! Plan set!

I ran down, put the wash in, ran up did my video and got back down in time to change the load over to the drier. It takes 40 mins to dry clothes. Just enough time to also add some steps on to my day (my usual goal is 13,000 – we walk everywhere so its usually an easy goal). I hung the wet-hang-dry-only clothes up and headed to the treadmill with my phone for music and timer and started to walk with an incline for the remaining duration of the wash (incline hits a few more muscles and gets the heart rate up – bonus!). By the time the laundry was done, I had gotten a full 50 minute workout in with my 2 combined efforts. Best of all I had zero boredom and all very low impact – rest day like approved (please note – my rest days are not usual rest days but everyones fitness journey is their own. Do what you can do always).

By now you can see that what I did was get it done. I stuck to my move everyday commitment and I found a way to maximize my time.  By 10 am I had 2 less things to do on my list and it felt great to know more of my Sunday was freed up! No excuses got in the way. I didn’t need to leave the building in the rain (another excuse I could have used) nor cut my workout short to get the other one done.

I am constantly finding ways to optimize my time and lead a fitness based lifestyle. I schedule classes, I download apps, I preplan but even when things get out of control, I know I can squeeze in time when the veggies are roasting in the oven or getting off a stop earlier for work to get a few more steps/blocks in/moments of quiet.  There are no excuses because my health matters to me and yours should matter to you. All these little things make a large difference down the road and our 80, 90, 100 year old selves will thank us for it.  Next time those little excuses creep in, make short workouts pop in where they could have derailed you. You got this!



Me with my feet up tonight (writing this post), laundry drying in the background, since I had the time to relax.

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