Hey there! I am Kat. A 32 year old midwestern born girl who now lives in NYC. About 7 years ago I started a journey of finding my happiness. A lot of that involved moving to my current city and traveling around (and living around) the world. The biggest part, however, was discovering my love of fitness. I make it a point to sweat every day.  I have also struggled with PCOS and have, as a result, studied a lot about what I need to eat in order to feel good and lose weight. I am always a work in progress and am not always happy with how I look but I do try to make the best choices I can for me while still having a fun, happy life.  This blog will help share those adventures and my knowledge I have and will gain (never stop learning) so I can hopefully share and learn with others and make friends along the way.  Its a great world we live in such that we can share across the world.  Happy reading!