CBD Chocolates

As you all know my love of CBD oil by now, I am still discovering various ways to use it and, just maybe, someday venture into marketing my own products.  Yesterday I took to the kitchen again to develop something new for me – CBD chocolates! I have mentioned in the past the use of some chocolates (@NotPot) but the price is often times hard to bite even though they are effective and taste wonderful.  This had me wondering if I could create my own…and wondering leads to doing – always!

I phoned up my mom who is famous around Wisconsin and Michigan (with family and friends) for her Turtles she makes around the holidays.  She melts her own caramels and chocolate in the process.  She clued me in a on a little secret- use the cheap mini crock pots we buy at thanksgiving for $5 to melt the chocolate to save time and even melting.

In the meantime, I stocked up on some chocolate molds from Amazon (found here) and bought some dark chocolate from my favorite grocery (Trader Joes – duh). Then I went to work on creating! Here are photos documenting the process:

  1. Melting little bit of coconut oil
  2. Then melting chocolate and adding other ingredients (secret recipe but you know CBD is involved ;)) and setting up the molds
  3. Setting the chocolate in the freezer
  4. And then I got chocolates!

The process is really easy and I experimented with different flavors and fills. Now I just need some taste testers and then the empire can begin! J/k! But seriously need some information on packaging …

More definitely to come as I experiment. Share your ideas and maybe I’ll give them a test.  Really excited to venture into this world and hope I can share these and more with you soon!