Grounding when you take on someone’s emotions – aka you’re an empath

This last week I asked my readers and followers what they would like to know more about as this blog is an outlet for me to share what I know and help you all learn more about things that can benefit you or interest you.  So when I asked what you wanted to know more about, one person inquired how to help those who take on other emotions – aka empaths – and several others expressed interest when I posed the topic as an idea.  I realize and can recognize many of you are empaths – people that take on the emotions of people around them, and who, typically, have a bleeding heart and are highly sensitive.



You maybe were not familiar with the term for what your senses feel and do what is happening and being felt by others.  I am sort of one but not entirely, considering myself to be more of a people reader in that I read intentions and know when to avoid situations and people because of what I read.  The difference is really the emotional state that an empath takes on.  If someone is sad or upset, you feel it along with that person and in turn, have the bleeding heart to try and help. Your emotions are often easily manipulated by these senses and you can often feel quite drained based on a large exposure (big crowds) or being around others that are highly expressive of their emotions.

That being said, it is really important you learn if you fall into this category of people and establish a practice of guarding yourself or grounding yourself before, during or after a situation that could be highly stimulating.  Most of them are basic things you can practice everyday and really are beneficial to practice regardless of whether you are an empath or not. Here are my top 5:

  1. Meditate. This one is hands down the most beneficial practice you can initiate. Outside of the overall health improvements that will be imparted from doing this, meditating will calm your mind and put you in a place to let things you’ve taken on go. You can download apps, go on youtube, ask google to play morning meditation, or go to an actual meditation studio. Fit it in for at least a few minutes each day, reflecting on what you are feeling and what you need to make your emotions stable for the day.7-simple-meditation-techniques-timers
  2. Be active. This goes along with meditation. Endorphins that are released during exercise will help you to overcome the sadness you have taken on from a discussion you had with a saddened person or the stress from the commutes surrounding drivers.  Putting on music that will increase your mood and challenge your mind as to not think and stay in the experience you felt will help you maintain the zen you need. Yoga, running, boxing, etc are my choices as it is really putting your mind and body to work as an individual person.
  3. Eat healthfully. Fueling the your body with the right foods is always going to be the right way to keep your mind in the right state – brain health starts in the gut! Making sure that your not overstimulated with sugar or depressed with simple carbs or heavily weighing foods will ensure that your mind will stay sharp and you can draw the line when the feelings your taking on are your own or someone else’s.
  4. Get some pretty rocks.  I do believe in the use of crystals to help balance and protect your chakras.  One that is great for grounding and balancing your body is a hematite stone See here.  Another one I would recommend for your home is clear quarts as it keeps the energy in your home clean/clear see here. Some other ideas in this realm would be to get amulets, but I have not done enough investigating to suggest any in particular but this has been practiced for eons.  Crystals and amulets are not only beautiful but also truly help change the vibe when you need them to.  Make sure to cleanse them before using and set an intention for their use when doing so (ie tell them you want them to provide grounding, stability, and clear mind…they listen!).
  5. Salt lamp. You probably see these in spas and now they are making appearances in homes because people are learning the benefits of salt lamps.  These are known to generate calmness and relaxation along with many other health benefits (see resource here).  I personally have one in my house next to my desk and love the look it gives off when its on and I do think it helps manage some of my stress being so near to a work station.

There is so much more you can do to help manage your senses when you are an empath. I am definitely not an expert in this field nor am I 100% an empath but I do incorporate a lot of the above to make sure my body and mind are in a good space because of the stimulation with where I live and the stressors in my life.

Feel free to reach out if you want to talk more about any of the above or if you have other topics you would like me to discuss!