Resolutions and Motivation

I am sitting here on a freezing Friday night of January (glad to be sitting on my couch and not out) thinking about 2019. I hadn’t really thought too much about what I wanted in the new year since my life is kind of set on a track to get the sh*t done.  When the guy I am seeing asked me what my goals were, I couldn’t think of anything other than lose the holiday weight for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

The start of a new year gives everyone the illusion of a blank slate. A slate of so much promise and inspiration. Anything is possible. A new year to reach goals, travel farther, make new connections, what ever else is on your to-do list – you can do it! Okay…now I’m feeling a little inspired!

What makes us set goals or “resolutions”? Is it health, a trip, wanting to look good in photos, expand your social circle, experience a different culture, or better yourself for the sake of betterment?  The last one is my favorite and really the all encompassing animal.  We set them because, in the end, we feel like we will become better by reaching these goals.

For this reason, I think resolutions are important.  They get us to put our hopes and goals out there and give us the spark. What happens though when its 20 degrees out and you would rather sit on the couch than go to yoga?  How do you keep that spark and that motivation?

A lot of people ask me how I stay so dedicated to working out each day or making healthier choices food wise when other options are available – its self driven motivation. I think about how I feel making those choices. I think about the places I knew wanted to visit as a kid growing up in the midwest.  I focus on the goals and see the long term happiness I desire. Most of all, I think about whether or not I would not regret not having tried. I know I am never going to be perfect or there may be some goals I am unable to achieve but I believe in myself and know, while sometimes the path isn’t easy, having tried is sometimes greater than the achievement.

So yes, while it was 20 degrees out tonight, I thought of my impending trip and my goals and got my butt up and  ran 2 miles (on a treadmill) and did a 20 minute @popsugar strength training workout.



I have other changes to make to meet my goal before Las Vegas but I’ll get there and, even if I don’t, I tried. While the new year is the spark, you are the kindle that builds the fire. If you feel your fire dwindling, turn to a crazy friend, family, influencer, blogger,  professional etc to get that fire going again. I also task you to  help keep others fires lit too. Good karma. 🙂

Believe in yourself to reach your goals – I believe in you too! Set goals that make yourself proud and don’t wait until a new year to set them. Always try, always be willing to fail but most of all, keep believing you can succeed.